Ocean Ark Alliance

OAA’s mission is to nurture, inspire, create a deeper appreciation of some of the most wondrous, yet fragile, ecosystems on our planet. Our current focus is coral reefs, coastal communities & polar biomes.

Our Project and Initiatives

OAA offers its Development Partners access to and license-free use of an ever growing media collection of globally significant marine digital stills and video libraries for a wide variety of non-profit uses in marine education, science and conservation.

Global Education Endowments

Ocean Ark Alliance (OAA) is a Not For Profit organisation based in Australia dedicated to supporting, sponsoring and promoting marine education and conservation of oceanic environments. OAA has a global network of Development Partners which includes world-renowned marine scientists, researchers and undersea explorers, multi-award-winning film-makers and photographers, marine artists and media specialists, educators, conservation organisations and a diverse range of business organisations.

More About Us

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